Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 Oct. 29th 2012 (Fall of 83)
  I have failed. Somehow I have let the king down. I'll likely be sent strait to our very own Shadow-Shade, Rakeem.~vomit~ 'His majesty' has demanded another child, since the first pair were quote on quote, "A weakling, and a girl. Useless." Edmond is dead, and Claudia is enslaved. There was no refusal this time... no comment there. Their age is going to instantly be accelerated to 10 years, after their birth in 3 days. The King is VERY impatient...I'm still giggling over his new nickname. GFD... Claudia and Ronnie's kid Robin are apparently now an item. Wouldn't it be weird if we, "Batman" and I, ended up as like... in laws..... AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Lunch on Wed, there will be a guest appearance from a very certain person, child #3. Oh, and Alice is apparently possessed. That is just freaking wonderful.


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